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Thank you for your support & allowing us to help our community for past many years!  As of December 2019, we have suspended our Diaper Program.  OC Food Bank will be starting official state funded Diaper Program for public and should be able to help those in need of Diapers.  We are hoping to be able to serve our community once again perhaps with a new cause.  For now, good bye & thank you for making Clear Charity possible!

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Our Story

Clear Charity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity located in Orange County working to Close the #DiaperGap!  In 2016, the White House issued a statement bringing attention to America’s #DiaperNeed, to which Clear Charity and our partner Jet.com responded.  This partnership allows Clear Charity the opportunity to provide quality diapers to predominantly low-income families through our Diaper Aid of Southern California Program!

We offer variety of programs to help everyone we can through Subsidized #DiaperGap and #DiaperBank programs.  Currently, we are the only secular Diaper program of it’s kind in the area that serves the public directly.  As such, we have families coming from all over Southern California and even other states seeking assistance.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we distribute on estimated 30,000 diapers a month from our office, helping over 500+ local children. (as of Dec 2017) If you would like to learn more about our organization, or if you or someone you know faces #DiaperNeed, please look around our website or follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram!

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When you support Clear Charity, you’ll know your donation goes to those who in need.  You don’t need to wonder or question how the money has been spent because with every qualified donation, you’ll get a report on how your donation was spent: And that’s our promise.

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Who we are…

Clear Charity is a non-profit organization found in 2014 after CNN’s article on ‘America’s Worst Charities’. We are here to now only help those in need but to do things differently & right.

Our Promise

We operate all our programs with over 85% efficiency goal. This means almost all donations you make goes to help those in need!