Message from Monika: Our Awesome Friends & Family, Please consider helping Clear Charity, a local non-profit run by Dana & Jae- amazing humans helping those in need. Babies need diapers, lots of diapers. I speak from experience. You could drop some off next time you see me or make a $ donation, every little bit helps. Like their page, share what they do. Thanks.
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Many ‘Awesome Moms’ battle to provide the basic necessity of diapers for their babies and they need our help.  #DiaperGap & #DiaperBank programs need your support!

A $5 donation can provide 1 week’s worth of diapers for a baby; a $20 donation will provide a 1 month’s supply of diapers.

Clear Charity provides programs for Diapers for families in OC & beyond.  Your Campaign Ambassador is helping us reach out to their network & help with fundraiser in order to make sure we can continue our programs.  Your support is crucial in order for us to continue our programs that help many families & babies that we are connected with.

Our #DiaperGap & #DiaperBank programs typically gives away 2,000 ~ 3,000 diapers each week and your help is crucial!




Your donation is tax deductible up to maximum allowed by IRS regulation.  Clear Charity is a 501(c)(3) Public Nonprofit Charity (EIN 46-5475705)

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