#DiaperTalk 4 – Developmental Screening
May 27, 2017, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Available Seat: 13 / 20 | Location: Orange
Category: #DiaperTalk

Event Details

Speaker of the day: Deanna Parga (Child Development Community Liaison)

This meeting’s main topic will be on ‘Developmental Screening‘!

  • What is Developmental Screening?
  • Why is Developmental Screening important?
  • How can I access a Developmental Screening for my child?

What’s #DiaperTalk?  This FREE event is held every last Saturday of the month share knowledge & provide safe space for any parent(s) looking for support, advice, or just community.  #DiaperTalk will consist of two parts and will run for 2 hours.  In the first hour, we’ll have a class style meeting to share useful information from professionals or experts regarding various baby/toddler-related topics. The second hour is dedicated to discussion and providing a support network to discuss specific topics of need.  So whether you just want to get to know other moms, having trouble breast feeding, want to know how to handle a difficult child, to anything you need; we’re here to share our experiences & help each other.

But RSVP is required.  (Below)

Location: 438 E. Katella Ave., Ste 222, Orange, CA 92867  (We’re on 2nd floor)

  • After the event, you can get diapers & everything we have in stock such as clothes, food pouches, toys, and more!
  • Baby Carrying Library will features different types of baby carrier for you to rent and test out.  We’ll even show you how to use them!
  • How do I win Giveaway? Make sure you RSVP & come to #DiaperTalk. We’ll give you raffle ticket at the start of the event & give out prize at the end of the meeting!

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