[OC] Volunteer: Help during Moving Sale!
November 16, 2019, 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Available Seat: 3 |   Location: Orange
Category: Voluteering, Diaperhour

Event Details

856 N Elm St Suite L, Orange, CA 92867
(Due to limited parking on premise, we ask all volunteers to park on the street right outside of the parking lot)

We need help during MOVING SALE to assist with visitors & helping them load please.


What type of Volunteer work would I be doing?  Most help needed today will be customer service work to sell / move our inventory.  Based on our need, we may also ask you to help with wrapping diapers, organizing, doing inventory, or other important task that needs to be done. Most of all, we need our volunteer to be helpful to make our Moving Sales a Success!


-Important Notice-

Note: On your first day of Volunteering, please bring your ID.  We need a copy of your ID & Volunteer agreement on file before starting Volunteering.
Children & Age requirement: If you’re a mom joining us with your kids, they can accompany you if they are able to help.  If they’re in middle school/Jr. high & up, please sign up for a slot for a children.  If they’re a baby, please prepare to wear them during volunteering.  We do NOT have baby safe area for them to be nor offer daycare during volunteering.  You also will be asked to sign a waiver for your child(ren).  Teens can sign up for themselves as long as they’re in high school or beyond.  If under 18, we require their parent’s signature & copy of parent’s ID (Please come up with them during drop-off).  The same rule applies if you’re 18 or over but do not have a government issued ID yet.
Group Sign Up: Please make sure each person volunteering selects their own volunteer spot with their own name. (not with name of person who’s helping them sign up)
Availability: We’ll typically have volunteer sign up sheet available at least 2 weeks out.  You can get notified when new schedule is available by joining our Newsletter using link on your right. (for mobile scroll down)
Volunteer Perk: There is one small perk of being an volunteer beside making a real difference by helping!  At the end of Volunteering session, you’ll have an opportunity to use diaper programs.  (Principle volunteer ONLY, no friends request allowed)
Changes: Any changes to your schedule?  Can’t make it?  Please reply to notification you received or email to (inquiry@clearcharity.org) to let us know ASAP.

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