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12/12/14: We’ll be hosting a virtual run to help the cause.  Our ‘Run Against Domestic Violence’ will start this week and we hope this to be our successful holiday fundraiser effort!  Any help and participation will be appreciated!


10/22/14: Next up. ‘Learn The Facts’  A program that is designed to collect, organize and share truth & tips about what goes on when you’re in the middle of experiencing ‘Domestic Violence’.

9/22/14: Signal Strength will come to life this day!!!signal-strength

8/27/14: New programs ‘Community Education’ and ‘Signal Strength’ is coming soon!  These two new programs will be available in coming weeks!!!

7/3/2014: Backup Safetynet now in effect with WTLC – We have just executed MOU to formalize our new partnership with WTLC.  We are preparing our major campaigns starting next week to support and continue our new program!

6/13/2014: Preview of newest Domestic Violence banner/postcard final draft!
Expected release: 6/21/2014


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