keep our hopes alive

Family and Children are our future and ‘Hope‘.  Children can often fall through the cracks and they often only need little help to feel valuable and loved.  So help us by donating to ‘Keep Our Hopes Alive’.  Children’s clothes and toys are also accepted!

keep our hopes alive

Keep Our Hopes Alive program is here to help families who are facing difficulties in their life.  Our main focus is to help those who has a child(ren) who are sick or have disabilities to help them get the funds they need.  But we would also like to widen our reach to any other families who are in real need and who can use help of those around them.

In order to help these children and families, Clear Charity will setup a donation page much like popular crowdfunding sites like ‘GoFundMe’ where the page can be shared through social network & get help.  The main difference between our donation page and other crowdfunding site is that our fees are only 2% which goes to helping other families in need + donation received are tax deductible.  More details on this program can be found here.

Donation Options  |  Donate children clothes & toys  |  Request for help (Application)


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