Updated 8/11/15

2014 was first year Clear Charity was ever active.  We have launched new campaign to join the fight against Domestic Violence and participated in many small events as well as developing programs to help victims of Domestic Violence.  As a result, we had what we thought was a successful first year of running Clear Charity.  Here are the financial report for 2014.

Donation Received: $2,027.44
Misc. Income: $4.60
Program Income: $144.00
Total Income: $2,176.04

Business Expenses: $87.00
Operation Costs: $155.93
Card Processing Fees: $29.74
—— Operating/Non-program Expense ends
Program Expenses: $372.79
Special Program Expenses: $605.20
Total Expenses: $1,250.66

Net Income: $925.38

Total Non-Program Expenses: $272.67
Percentage of Operating (Non-Program) Expenses to Income: 12.54% (below 25% efficiency goal)

Description of categories
Misc. Income: Small income from shipping fees charged

Program Income: Funds received through membership or class registration fees
Program Expenses: Major portion of this program in 2014 was Backup Safety Net through hotels.com
Special Program Expenses: Major portion of this expense in 2014 was special fundraiser for Amy Kukec.  All funds were verified necessity expenses such as utility and phone bill.


This report does NOT include all the supplies & physical donations we received which we provided to those in need directly.  We typically receive 3~5 times as much donation in goods & supplies than money which goes to those in need at 100% rate.

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