Moments from Charity Craft Fair at Spring Jamboree

Thank you for joining us during Spring Jamboree Event!  Thanks to VAIL HQ & this fun event, we are able to provide 5,018 Diapers to local families in need!  Check out our next #CharityCraftFair event at

2019 Diaper Donations Log

Thank you so much for your donation & Support.  We are able to continue Diaper Aid of Southern California program thanks to these generous support from our community!  This page will updated periodically to show donations by specific groups…
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Diaper Aid by Clear Charity at Temecula Valley

Diaper Aid of Southern California by Clear Charity @ Temecula Valley [Learn more about #DiaperGap & #DiaperNeed] . Upcoming #DiaperHour Schedule & Details (View Calendar to see all scheduled #DiaperHour)  #DiaperAid…

Diaper Aid for Federal Employees affected by Shutdown

To help federal employees & their family who are affected by shutdown that started 12/22/18, we'll be offering our subsidized #DiaperGap program which can save you 50~70% in diapers compare to retail prices. All you need to do is come…

Moments from Charity CRAFT FAIR at the #ARTONTHEWALK 10/14/18

Last Craft Fair at the Art on the Walk was a huge success!  We collected 10,935 diapers through this event!!!  We can't wait for 2019 so that we can come back to GardenWalk!!!

Events Photos of 2018

2018 has been a fun year so far!!!  Can't wait to see how much we can accomplish this year.  Biggest event of the year has been us moving to a new office!

Awesome Moms at #DiaperHour

We do everything we do for these 'Awesome Moms'. (Dads too)  This is literary why we do what we do!

Moments from Craft Fair at the Art on the Walk 6/22/18

Another amazing event at the Anaheim GardenWalk!  Thank you so much for joining us!  We had so much fun with bubbles!!!

2018 Diaper Donations

Thank you so much for your donations of diapers & other baby related items.  Clear Charity's program can continue because of your generous donation and it's vital in order for us to continue our program.  This page will updated periodically…

We Just Do Not Understand, our thoughts on separating children

Clear Charity has always maintained a neutral stance when it comes to politics or religion.  It is our policy to not comment or take sides because we want to welcome everyone to our use our programs.  However, recent events concerning children…