On a typical day in June 2013 during my work break, I tabbed my CNN app on my android phone to see what the world has been up to.  I discovered the article ‘America’s Worst Charities’.  I wouldn’t say I’m a very charitable person but often times that’s because I know half of the money I give away doesn’t go where it suppose to.  But this news shocked me to the core.  The story was about a family who runs three major (I say major since they make over $10 million in donations) charities who each make six figure salaries from their organization and only donates 0.07% of their revenue to people in need.

CNN’s story on America’s Worst Charities
Tampabay Times’ list of Worst Charities

Donald Duck with moneyAccording to CNN article ‘one charity raised nearly $14 million and only gave about $10,000 to patients’.  Did people donate their hard earned money so that the charity officers can spend it on wherever they feel like?  Unfortunately, there’s no effective law in the non-profit sector that governs what charities must do with the donations they get.  And some charities spend almost as much as they raise which means there is no money left to donate.

10 Charities Overpaying their For-Profit Fundraisers

For those who can’t manage a for-profit business shouldn’t be in one but we can’t send them to jail just because they can’t run a business.  And because of this reason, scammers can make a big salary in the name of charity and get away with it.  The only thing you can do, is know where your money goes!!!

Outraged by this finding, my wife and I decided that it’s time for things to change.

Clear Charity, like the name, will be a clear charity.

Our mission is simple, ‘Help you help others’.

We promise…
We will NOT use paid solicitors to raise money because the majority of the funds raised go to paying the soliciting company.
We will NOT do fundraisers we cannot afford.
We will NOT turn our non-profit organization into a ‘personal profit organization’.   [List of Highly Paid CEOs at Low-Rated Charities]
We will NOT be greedy.  [10 Infuriatingly Greedy Charities]
We will make sure you know how your donation made a difference!

If you’re outraged and don’t want to support these artist who feed on your hard earned money, join us and help us to really help people.  We are here and we’re here to help.

– Dana & Jay


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