Diaper Aid of Southern California by Clear Charity
@ Temecula Valley

[Learn more about #DiaperGap & #DiaperNeed]

Thank you for your support & allowing us to help our community for past many years!  As of December 2019, we have suspended our Diaper Program.  OC Food Bank will be starting official state funded Diaper Program for public and should be able to help those in need of Diapers.  Thank you.


Upcoming #DiaperHour Schedule & Details (View Calendar to see all scheduled #DiaperHour) 

There are no upcoming events.

#DiaperAid aka WIC Diaper Temecula Valley is new to the area in 2019 but we’re here to stay to provide help to families in need as an only secular program of its kind in the area.  In its early phase of program, we’ll operate popup shop style events offering limited version of our program.  But as we start outreach & fundraising in to support WIC Diaper Temecula Valley, we’ll be able to find a permanent location + offer full scale programs within 2019.

Need Help with Diapers?  Diaper Help has arrived!  #DiaperAid of Southern California is project by Clear Charity helping to Close The Diaper Gap serving clients all over the SoCal, making sure all babies have diapers they need!  We are known as WIC Diaper Temecula Valley / Riverside program and we offer different affordable Diaper programs.  The “Diaper Aid of Southern California” (previously OC #DiaperBank & #DiaperGap) program by Clear Charity was started in 5/20/16 to close the #DiaperGap for those in need in our general area. (We have clients from Oceanside, Burbank, San Bernardino & beyond!)  While we are not an official part of the National Diaper Bank yet but we provide a similar program to help make sure families in our local area have the diapers they need for their baby(s).

Too many American families are at a disadvantage when it comes to diapers, an essential item for babies, because they don’t have access to discount membership stores or cannot afford to stock up when they’re on sale.  Our #DiaperAid (Close The #DiaperGap) program will launch in phases to ensure stable supply and funding of the program.

Are you located outside of SoCal or does not qualify for WIC but still need help?  Click here

– Available Programs –


Close the #DiaperGAP
This program is for EVERYONE! (No income verification, Minimal paperwork)  We understand that families who often struggle do not qualify for low-income assistance programs.  You can come in during our open hours to get these premium diapers at our WHOLESALE COST.  For purchase at wholesale cost, you do not need to bring any paperwork or ID (unless purchasing with a credit card).

Diapers we carry. Wondering what kind of diapers we offer as a part of our #DiaperGap program?  While we often offer different brands of donated diapers, our main diapers are private labeled quality diapers provided in partnership with JetCares for #DiaperGap programs.  You can order these diapers online over here.


Example of Qty & Price (Wholesale Price, Before Subsidized Discount)

Size Quantity Cost (per diaper)
NB 3 boxes (324 diapers) $35.64 (.11)
1 2 boxes (352 diapers) $38.72 (.11)
2 2 boxes (504 diapers) $55.44 (.11)
3 2 boxes (448 diapers) $53.76 (.12)
4 2 boxes (400 diapers) $56.00 (.14)
5 2 boxes (320 diapers) $54.40 (.17)
6 2 boxes (288 diapers) $54.72 (.19)
Wipes 10 packs of 100 wipes $15.44

*You can purchase up to 200 diapers per visit. (soft limit)  We accept cash or credit card.  All diapers are sold at our discounted program cost without profit.  Prices shown are an estimated calculation and actual price may differ due to tax or price changes.


The below programs have eligibility requirements such as household income, children age, proof of local residence, verification of current low-income based programs.  Currently we ONLY accept WIC card/folder as proof of qualification.  Please bring proof of your eligibility & ID for each visit.


Subsidized Diaper Gap (WIC Qualification Required)
For each qualified child, you can purchase diapers at a subsidized (30% ~ 50%) off of wholesale price above!   There are limits on how much you can purchase which will be based on actual need of a child.**  [WIC Diaper Temecula Valley Programs offer 50~70% discount compare to typical retail price]

Please note that Quantity, Eligibility, Subsidized discount & other program details can be changed without notice at any time.

When & Where & What to bring


#DiaperHour  [When we are open for Diaper Programs]

Where hours are posted:

All #DiaperHour is walk-in only.  There’s no pre-registration or reservation.  You can speed up the process by bringing in completed Application (Spanish Application) with you.  Please be sure you bring in proof of eligibility (WIC folder) & ID to each #DiaperHour.  Please Check our open hours before coming to our office.  Due to limited funding, we are ONLY open specific times posted.  Sorry we cannot accept any walk-ins outside of #DiaperHour.

#DiaperHour Location @ TBA in Temecula Valley Area (For full address & transit info, please check the calendar. Pickup location CAN change for special Diaper Hours)

  • What To Bring:  Bring your ID + WIC folder each visit so that we can register you & identify you as needed.  Also bring a shopping bag if you have one available to bring diapers & other items home.
  • Have a question?  Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions after reading through information provided on this page.  We’ll typically respond to all comments/questions within 24 hours.
  • Can’t come in this week?  Please note, you must be present in-person to get subsidized programs.  You are able to assign one alternate person who can come in instead of you.  This alternate person must be added in-person during your visit.  In the other word, you cannot send a new person in and ask them to be added to your file.  Your alternate person must bring their own ID to prove their identity.
  • Bring a shopping bag.  We also have baby clothes and other items available at very low cost (50 cent ~ $1/clothing item for example) as well as discounted Baby Wipes available.

Upcoming #DiaperHour Schedule & Details (View Calendar to see all scheduled hours )

There are no upcoming events.

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Learn more about #DiaperGap & #DiaperNeed

* Eligible families can take advantage of one program per visit per week.  You are not stuck with one program and can switch on following visit to take advantage of both programs.  Diaper Bank program is geared for those who cannot afford diapers while Close the Diaper Gap is provided for those who are willing & able to pay discounted price.
+ In the early stage of this program, details & guideline for the program may change without notice based on budget, stock, and demand.  Please refer to this page for any up to date changes as it will be updated whenever changes are made.
** Availability of this program is based on budget & available diapers & discount rate can change at any time.

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    • Jay
      Jay says:

      Caitlin, sorry that we completely missed this comment. I don’t believe we have any more diapers in stock… so we apologize but at this moment, we are unable to help with this request.

    • Jay
      Jay says:

      Hello Vanessa, you are able to put your husband name as an alternate contact but on the first time, you must come with your ID so that we can verify it’s you.

    • Jay
      Jay says:

      HI Stephanie, there’s no pre-registration. Just show up between Noon and 2PM tomorrow and we’ll be ready to help!

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