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Close The Diaper Gap & OC Diaper Bank


close the diaper gap

Close The #DiaperGap by Clear Charity
[Learn more about #DiaperGap & #DiaperNeed]

The “OC Diaper Bank” program by Clear Charity was started to close the #DiaperGap for those in need within Orange County, CA.  While we are not a part of the National Diaper Bank yet but we provide a similar program to help make sure families in our local area have the diapers they need for their baby(s).

Too many American families are at a disadvantage when it comes to diapers, an essential item for babies, because they don’t have access to discount membership stores or cannot afford to stock up when they’re on sale.  Our “Close The #DiaperGap” program will launch in phases to ensure stable supply and funding of the program.

This program started on 5/20/16
Here are the details on how you can participate in our ‘Close The #DiaperGap’ programs
Are you located outside of OC and need help?  Click here


– Available Programs –


“Close the #DiaperGap”

This program is for EVERYONE! (No income verification, No paperwork)  We understand that families who often struggle do not qualify for low-income assistance programs.  You can come in during our open hours to get these premium diapers at our WHOLESALE COST.  For purchase at wholesale cost, you do not need to bring any paperwork or ID (unless purchasing with a credit card).


Diapers. Wondering what kind of diapers we offer as a part of our #DiaperGap program?  Cuties Premium Diapers!  <- click to get full details!
These are popular, quality diapers often used by daycare facilities!

Example of Qty & Price

Size Qty in Pack  Price incl. tax – per pack
N 36  $         4.17 ($0.11)
1 44  $         5.11 ($0.11)
2 84  $         9.73 ($0.11)
3 56  $         6.76 ($0.12)
4 100  $       14.59 ($0.14)
5 80  $       14.59 ($0.17)
6 72  $       14.59 ($0.19)

*You can purchase up to 200-250 diapers per visit. (soft limit)  We accept cash or credit card.  All diapers are sold at our discounted program cost without profit.  Prices shown are an estimated calculation and actual price may differ due to tax or price changes.


The below programs have eligibility requirements such as household income, children age, proof of local residence, verification of current low-income based programs.  Currently we ONLY accept WIC card as proof of qualification.  Please bring proof of your eligibility & ID for each visit.

OC Diaper Bank

Each qualified child can receive up to 50 diapers per month from Clear Charity’s Diaper Bank at no cost.**


Subsidized #DiaperGap (Go Beyond Closed the Diaper Gap)

For each qualified child, you can purchase diapers at a subsidized price.  Our current discount rate is 50% off of regular price above!   There are limits on how much you can purchase which will be based on actual need of a child.**

When & Where



Check Event Calendar for full list of time & location.  Normal Diaper Hours are on Tuesday afternoons.

We strongly suggest copying/adding calendar item into your google calendar.  This way, if there have been any changes, it’ll update automatically.  Please be sure to check our calendar within 24 hours in advance for any changes.  We’ll do our best to keep scheduled hours.  Any changes will be updated to Event Calendar typically at least 24 hours ahead.  Any last minute changes will be posted on Twitter.

All #DiaperHour is walk-in only.  There’s no pre-registration or reservation.  You can speed up the process by bringing in completed Application with you.  Please be sure you bring in proof of eligibility & ID to each #DiaperHour.


#DiaperHour Pickup Location @ Orange, CA (For full address & transit info, please check the calendar, pickup location CAN change for special Diaper Hours)


Have a question?  Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions after reading through information provided on this page.  We’ll typically respond to all comments/questions within 24 hours.

Can’t come in this week?  Please note, you must be present in-person to get subsidized diapers.  You can have your family member with same last time visit on your behalf. (or other family member who’s name is listed on your file)  If you request another ‘Awesome Mom’ who’s making the trip to #DiaperHour, to get you diapers, your diapers will provided at wholesale cost.  (Unless the person who’s coming in may choose to share a pack (max 100 count) from their subsidized purchase limit)


Quick view of next #DiaperHour (View Calendar or click on Google Calendar link for full details)

April 25, 2017

Help us continue this program!


We need help processing & wrapping & giving out Diapers!


Do a Diaper Drive!
Help us collect Diapers in order to continue our programs.


Learn more about #DiaperGap


* Eligible families can take advantage of one program per visit per week.  You are not stuck with one program and can switch on following visit to take advantage of both programs.  Diaper Bank program is geared for those who cannot afford diapers while Close the Diaper Gap is provided for those who are willing & able to pay discounted price.
+ In the early stage of this program, details & guideline for the program may change without notice based on budget, stock, and demand.  Please refer to this page for any up to date changes as it will be updated whenever changes are made.
** Availability of this program is based on budget & available diapers & discount rate can change at any time.

26 replies
  1. tj
    tj says:

    I’m wondering if you’re Organisation would be interested in hosting an info table at our upcoming resource fair. It would be to inform county workers about this and other programs. We’re hosting exclusively OC presenters and all attendees are OC case workers.

  2. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I live in fullerton California and im food stanps and wic my id is from Oklahoma. I have gas bills in my name that come to my house. Can i still get help with diapers?

  3. Elizabeth Paez
    Elizabeth Paez says:

    Hello, I’m in need of diapers size 5 for my 2 yr old girl. I don’t have money it all went to rent and was wondering if I can come in before the 8th please. I dont have a working phone you can email me at please and thanks.

    • Jay
      Jay says:

      Hello Mary, please see above for where and when which gets updated every week or see calendar for repeating schedule. We also have information about what to bring above which is ID & proof of any government assistance program. If you don’t quality for low income assistance, you can still come in without any documentation and still get diapers at wholesale cost!

  4. veronica
    veronica says:

    Hello, we are low income but live in the county of L.A. I see that you mention on the other comments that we can still purchase the whole sale prices which is great. Would we still be able to apply for the low income program as well? (free diapers)

  5. Adriana Montanez
    Adriana Montanez says:

    Hi, I have twin girls that are 3 weeks old and I was interested in getting low costo diapers for them. BUT they are in preemie diapers. Do you guys have preemie diapers? Thanks so much

    • Jay
      Jay says:

      Hello Valerie, if you are visiting OC, you can come by during our #DiaperHour and we would help you. We will not turn you down just because you don’t reside in OC. However, I do believe there are a few diaper banks within LA area as well. You might want to look into them first. 🙂

    • Jay
      Jay says:

      Hello Shaina, For wholesale cost purchase, we do not require any residential or income requirements. You can just come in during our diaper hours and get these premium diapers at wholesale! 😀

      • Jay
        Jay says:

        Shaina, click on ‘Event Calendar’ link above and it’ll give you dates, location (address), and times. I’d suggest that you follow that calendar as sometimes schedule can change and it will always be updated via google calendar.

        Let me know if you have any more questions.

  6. Juliana Veliz
    Juliana Veliz says:

    Hello I would like to come in and see if I can get some low price or no cost diapers Im currently expecting and would like to know more about this place and what I need to bring or do when I go there. My number is 949-375-0061 leave a message for me please.

    • Jay
      Jay says:

      Hello Juliana, for expecting mothers, we are making this program available for you as early as 3 weeks ahead of your due date. For diaper bank or subsidized diapers, we’d need some proof of low-income qualification such as WIC or food stamp related Card. We’ll also need to see your ID to verify that you’re local. For the date & place, please check our event page and look for ‘Diaper hours’ at Thank you!


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