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WordPress is one of the best open source platform ever built! It allows users to create and maintain website as easy as posting updates on Facebook or creating a MS word document. It’s design and capability is so flexible and easy to use, you can make professional website without knowing any coding. NO HTML, FLASH CODES, or ANYTHING!!!

Did you know?  The website you’re looking at is built on WordPress!

This class is provided as part of fundraiser for Clear Charity and all donation/fees goes to charity.  Instructor’s time and place is donated by WebVillage.

Message from the instructor: I’m an experienced web designer (since 1999) and I’d like to give training on how to build a website using WordPress as part of charity fundraiser.  WordPress makes it very easy for you to build & maintain a website using interface that’s similar to Facebook or MS Word.  WordPress is being used by many major companies including CNN and many other.  You can see sample websites here: WebVillage.co

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Any questions?  Check out FAQ & use comment form below.


Please find below, the information you’d need for the class including a short FAQ.  Feel free to ask questions using comment form below.


WordPress Community Education classes are $25 donation per session.  But if you’re a monthly supporter of $10+, you get discounted registration fee of $10.

435 katellaLocation

Typically this class takes place at Clear Charity’s office @ 438 E. Katella Ave., Ste 216, Orange, CA 92867

Beginner Class

Please bring the following to the class:

  • Pen & Paper or Notebook: to write with…
  • Laptop: Please do not worry about installing WordPress or any other programs. It’ll be provided to you.  It is recommended that you have Firefox browser installed.
  • Laptop POWER cord & Mouse (working with laptop pad isn’t easy)
  • Snacks or Water: Bring extra snacks to share!

These are basic outline of the BEGINNER course of WordPress training.
– Basics of the website + what you need
– Website for personal or blog
– Website for small business + intro to e-commerce
– Installation of the website + basic setup
– Add a page with pictures
– Add blog post with pictures
– Basics of plugin
Expected class time 1.5 hour ~ 2 hours.

Often Workshop class starts right after Beginner class.  If you were in beginner class, you’re welcome to stay for workshop class without additional fee/registration.

Workshop Class

The Workshop Class is for people who already took the beginner class or have a WordPress site setup, and need hands on help at your own pace.  Please bring everything listed in the Beginner Class prep list & list of issues or questions you’d like to address during the Workshop.  There will not be a set curriculum for this class but we can review some of the Beginner class materials as well as work on anything else you have in mind!
We typically allocate 1.5 hour for this session.

Interested but have a question?  Please use comment form below to ask any question you’d like.

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Get notified when next class schedule is available?

Any questions?  Check out FAQ & use comment form below.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Q. How much time would this class take?
A. We’re aiming for 1.5~2 hours unless otherwise noted. It can extend a bit to finish up things or to answer any questions after class.

Q. Can I become a monthly supporter today to get discount?
A. Yes, for charities like us who provide year-round services, monthly support is very important & we thank you for your interest in becoming our supporter.  Please click here to become a monthly supporter!

Q. Why do I have to register & pay fee?
A. This process is to prevent no-show.  In the beginning, we did email sign up only and we often got 5~10+ signups but no one ever showed up.  This is to make sure our time is valued as much as yours.

Q. Can’t I just come to class without registering?
A. If there’s a seat available, we will never turn you away.  But some classes have personalized materials that are prepared for each registered individual and yours will not be ready.  Also if there’s no one registered by 24hour prior to the class, class will be cancelled without notice.

Q. How much $$ do I need to prepare for the class?
A. You will not be expected to pay for anything during the class and everything you need will be provided.

Q. Do I need to prepare anything else?
A. Everything you need for the first class will be provided. Any optional items you might need will be presented but you’ll have chance to sleep on it.

Q. Will my donation really go to Charity? And can I get donation receipt?
A. Yes, everything we get will go to Clear Charity, a 501(c)3 organization.  And while you can use your order confirmation as receipt, your registration fees are NOT tax deductible as you are receiving a service that’s worth far more than you’re paying.  According to IRS rule, only amount that exceed market value is considered as donation. (Example: if you paid $100 for $50 worth service/product.  WordPress classes are valued at $100)

However, if you sign up as monthly supporter, your monthly donation is tax deductible since it’s pure donation.  Another reason to become our monthly supporter!  (Your discounted $10 registration fee however would not be tax deductible per same rule above)


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