This program was concluded in 2016

Did you know?  Due to limited funding, shelters for victims of Domestic Violence sometimes run out of space.  When this happens, a back up plan called a “Safety Net” is used to provide victims with a temporary bed at designated motels to wait for available space at a shelter.  And every once in a while, these “Safety Nets” run out of space too and victims would be turned away.

Clear Charity’s Fight Against Domestic Violence Program –  Backup Safety Net


In partnership with Women’s Transitional Living Center (WTLC), Clear Charity provides an emergency safety net to those in need.  We offer temporary daily housing at motels in flexible locations as well as transportation when the shelter and their safety net are full, or if a victim is too far away, it’s too late for transportation, and they require an overnight place to stay.  We believe that if victims of Domestic Violence are brave enough to break their silence, they should never be turned away.

‘If victims of Domestic Violence are brave enough to break their silence, they should never be turned away’

Do you agree?  Will you help?  A $50 donation (or $5 / month) can provide a mother and her two children a place to rest for a night before checking into a shelter.

Here are situations how Backup Safety Net program get involved:
– When shelter & their own safety net is full, they can no longer accommodate new victims.
– If a victims calls hotline close to midnight and they’re not within walking distance from shelter and cannot afford taxi, they’re often stuck until the next day.

Backup Safety Net provide a local safe shelter for these victims so that they can get to a shelter that can provide room for them the next day.

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cc+wtlcMessage from WTLC (Domestic Violence shelter in Orange County, CA) about Backup Safety Net
‘WTLC is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and families escape the depths of domestic violence and exploitation. WTLC provides the tools and resources to build self-esteem and empower people for independent living. Our partnership with Clear Charity brings another level of support to individuals and families in crisis. This program allows WTLC to provide a safe confidential location while a survivor transitions to his/her next step. WTLC wants to thank Clear Charity for this support and for the partnership to end violence.



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Beth Hunter
Beth Hunter
5 years ago

I’m sorry but as a domestic violence victim who contacted Laura’s House and WTLC repeatedly every day for over 2 months and was repeatedly told they were at capacity and refused a safe place to stay. I am now finding out about a “Safety Net” motel program which they could have easily used to help me. Instead I lived on the streets in fear after running from a domestic violence situation where I was held hostage with a gun for almost 24 hours. I do not at this time believe Laura’s House or WTLC use the “Safety Net” motel program… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Beth Hunter

Beth, we’re so sorry to hear that you weren’t able to get into those shelters or make use of our program. We do know that these agencies are very busy and have a hard time accepting new clients. Still, it’s hard to hear that our program was not able to help you. We were a partner with WTLC, but not a direct part of their organization. We are glad to know that you were able to get help from other resources and we would encourage you to promote those agencies to others who may need help. Clear Charity has concluded… Read more »