signal-strengthThis program was concluded in 2016

One of the most common similarities among abusers is financial control.  By not letting the victim has access to financial information, they’re not only controlling their action but also their freedom. [Future article: Financial information article]

Send us your old phone to bring new hope through Signal Strength

Those who are lucky and brave enough to break the silence are brought to shelter where they go through series of programs designed to help them, recover, and get a job and become financially independent.  However, many of these victims graduating shelter don’t have many possessions.  And essential help provided usually doesn’t include a cell phone.  While some can argue a cell phone isn’t essential for survival, it does play an important role in quality of our life.  It can help maintain communications with their loved ones, make emergency calls if needed, and allow them to write a number on their job application.

‘Signal Strength’ provides graduates of Domestic Violence shelter programs with a cell phone that can be used when they need it the most.

Interested in helping?  There are two ways you can help!

1. Send us your old phone.  If you’re like me, I keep all my old phones in a box or garage somewhere.  And it gets tossed out in few years when I discover I still have my brick phone collecting dust in the garage.  These graduates of shelter don’t care whether they’re getting new iphone or not.  Send in your love with your old phone.


2. Help us fund this project.  Each phone is loaded with $25 prepaid credit before given to survivors as gift.  With your financial help, we can load more phones with more credit!!!


Let’s Signal Strength to these graduates and help them start their new life!

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