You Can Now Shop Online & Support a Good Cause!

Clear Charity is now a part of the network.  iGive provides an amazing and mutually beneficial way of fundraising. When you become a member of iGive, you’re automatically becoming a Clear Charity supporter.  With each purchase you make at a participating online retailer, Clear Charity will receive a percentage of that purchase as your donation.

Plus if you register with by the end of July + install their add-on (which gives you free coupons), iGive will donate $5 to Clear Charity.  Automatically.  All it takes is a valid email address.  No credit cards, no bank information, just your name and a valid email address.

So if you’re interested in supporting Clear Charity while shopping at your favorite online store, please check out the detailed directions below.


Please read this manual carefully as this can be slightly tricky.  Here’s step by step guide:

1. Click on the banner above or here ( to get to’s sign up page.
2. The only required information is your name, email address, and password to access your account.igivesignup1

3. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be asked to install the iGive button. The download will be available on the new page that appears or via email.  It’s best to download this app on your primary online shopping computer.

4. (If you’re still on the page, it’ll look a bit different) When you click on that link, you’ll get this.  Go ahead and click on Try it Now.  It’ll go to the next page where it tells you that you need to ‘Allow’ your browser to install an ‘Add-on’


5. Once you have done that, you’ll get the iGive icon on your browser (the upper right corner for Firefox and Chrome).igivesignup3

6. If you click on it, you’ll see menu shown below.  You can use this menu to manage your account settings and also select which cause/charity will get your shopping donations.  (Please keep it at Clear Charity   🙂 )


7. And now we can shop!  When you Google an online store, if they are a participating website, iGive’s little seed icon will appear next to their link.

igive on google

8. Also, when you go into their site, you’ll see a little triangle on the bottom right of the browser letting you know that this transaction WILL help the cause you’re supporting.


8. But that’s not all!  If you click on that triangle, you’ll access ALL THE LATEST COUPONS the retailer offers.

I no longer need to collect coupons!

You no longer need to collect coupons in your email!

9. That’s it!  You just shop as you normally do while getting all the available coupons!  And these shops will send a portion of your sales as donation to Clear Charity!

Keep in mind that they do have ipad, iphone, android version of the iGive app.

We thank you for your support!
Have fun shopping AND supporting Clear Charity at the same time!

Below section will contain some optional instructions and exceptions


Amazon is a participant but they do NOT allow automatic tracking.  When you’re shopping on, click on the iGive icon you installed to get the menu shown on left.  Then click on ‘’.  You’ll then see the triangle in the lower right corner as usual.

Can I use any coupon?

You can use any coupon on the website, but only the coupons listed in the lower right triangle will make your purchase eligible for a donation.  At least until further notice.

Am I paying more by doing this?

Absolutely not!  A portion of the sale is donated by the online store, but your bottom line is still the same.  If you’re unsure, confirm all details in a different browser window (if you use Firefox, double check in Chrome for example).

How much would Clear Charity get from this?

Each site has a different rate.  Here are some examples: (0.8%), PETCO (4%), Target (0.8%)

Can I see a list of all participating stores?

Sure thing!  If you go to, click on All Stores in the upper right corner and you’ll be able to browse all participating websites available.igivesignup7

How do I know this actually works?

Click on the iGive icon on your browser.  Click on ‘My Stats’.  You will see a report of what you have raised and what all Clear Charity supporters have raised as well.

I still have more questions or need help

Here are some links that should help!
How iGive Works
How iGive button (add-on) works?

So, what are you waiting for?  Supporting Clear Charity cannot be more fun or easier than this!  Click here to sign up today!  Thank you for your support!

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