7/4/2014Orange County, CA.  Clear Charity’s first program “Backup Safety Net” has now begun! We have partnered with Women’s Transitional Living Center (WTLC), an Orange County domestic violence shelter, as of July 1st to assist in providing overnight accommodations for victims of Domestic Violence.


The “Backup Safety Net” comes into effect when: the existing government-funded safety net is depleted; a victim needs temporary shelter that doesn’t fit the normal guidelines; victims who cannot get to the shelter until the next day.

This program was founded based on Clear Charity’s core belief that:

‘If victims of Domestic Violence are brave enough to break their silence, they should never be turned away.’

For more information on Clear Charity’s “Backup Safety Net” program, please visit our website at

Clear Charity, a California Nonprofit organization was founded in 2014.  Its inception was inspired by CNN’s report on America’s Worst Charities as published June 2013.  We promise to be efficient and clear.  All members of Clear Charity will have access to yearly financial reports and each member will know how their donations are helping others!
‘Where you know you made a difference’


Press Release via PrLog
Backup Safety Net Program by Clear Charity
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