7/1/2014Orange County, CA.  Clear Charity applauds New York prosecutors on their deceptive fundraiser settlement. It is a victory for those who believe that the donations raised by charities should go towards helping those in need, not the pockets of financiers. Clear Charity, whose primary mission to be transparent, celebrates the justice meted against Quadriga and hopes the settlement will lead to change in the operations of charities across the nation.

Clear Charity hopes to see many more stories like this and hope others will join us as we take a stand against greedy and misleading charity fundraising.

You can check out CNN story here:

Clear Charity, a California Nonprofit organization was founded in 2014.  Its inception was inspired by CNN’s report on America’s Worst Charities as published June 2013.  We promise to be efficient and clear.  All members of Clear Charity will have access to yearly financial reports and each member will know how their donations are helping others!
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Released via PRLog

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