Today is #GivingTuesday and we are launching a new, exciting campaign.  Backbone of every charity is monthly donors.  They are truly what keeps charity able to do what they do in daily basis.

OC #DiaperBank & #DiaperGap programs by Clear Charity is growing rapidly and in order for us to meet growing demand for our diaper programs, we need more consistent support from our community.  Starting with #GivingTuesday, we are starting a new fundraiser campaign where any monthly supporters will be entered into raffle to win awesome prizes!

Thanks to generous sponsors we have awesome gifts which will be announced next week (12/4)

All you need to do is become our monthly supporter with $5/month commitment. (for at least 6 months) $5 a month may be just a cup of coffee but for us, that’s a week worth of diapers we can provide for a baby who need clean diapers.


Here’s how you can support starting #DiaperTuesday.  Fyi, any current & existing monthly supporters will be automatically included in raffle.

Use Apply/Android Pay or Credit Card



Use PayPal account


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