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Kids Carnival Photo Contest

Photo Contest Rules & Conditions: Winner of contest will each win 2 FREE Kids Carnival PASS to our next event at Vail HQ. Participant must post a picture (or more) on Facebook or Instagram using hashtags #FamilyFaireCC and #CharityCraftFair. Post MUST BE set to PUBLIC otherwise we can’t see them & you won’t be entered […]

2019 Planning Meeting

Meeting Date: 1/3/19 Planning Meeting for 2019 topics and content of discussion as well as goals for 2019. Topics: New Staff starting Friday 1/4 Expansion goals for 2019 – 2nd office in Riverside County Programs Continue Tuesday hours (traffic between Tue & Sat is about the same) What’s the alternative? Keep the hours, it’s the […]

Are you using system to get Cashback? You should!

My wife said during our first official financial meeting as husband and wife, ‘why do you have so many credit card, we need to close evil credit cards and use cash based system with budget’.  To be fair, I actually added ‘evil’ to her sentence to reflect the vibe I was getting.  But she did […]

Greedy Nonprofits

Here’s collection of evidence of Greedy Nonprofits around us.  These findings in 2012 through CNN is definitely one of the reason how Clear Charity was born. While there are some need for public views to change about Nonprofits on expenses because just like any other businesses, Nonprofits do have necessary expenses such as Rent, Utility, […]