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Are you using system to get Cashback? You should!

My wife said during our first official financial meeting as husband and wife, ‘why do you have so many credit card, we need to close evil credit cards and use cash based system with budget’.  To be fair, I actually added ‘evil’ to her sentence to reflect the vibe I was getting.  But she did […]

Greedy Nonprofits

Here’s collection of evidence of Greedy Nonprofits around us.  These findings in 2012 through CNN is definitely one of the reason how Clear Charity was born. While there are some need for public views to change about Nonprofits on expenses because just like any other businesses, Nonprofits do have necessary expenses such as Rent, Utility, […]

Endless Legal Battle for Bobby by Lauren

There are many different types of Domestic Violence. When speaking of Domestic Violence, most people think of physical violence. While physical abuse is horrifying and damaging, it is also obvious and easy to recognize. Many other types of Domestic Violence such as financial and legal abuse is much harder to recognize. Lauren experienced both physical and […]

CLEF, log in via phone in testing

In our effort to boost our security, we’re now testing CLEF, a mobile based, highly secured login platform.  This system allows users to login using CLEF mobile app instead of using password, making it more secure. Using this app, you do not need to remember your password at all.  You can try this by using […]

Become a Local Team Leader and Host a Run/Walk!

In order to make #RunAgainstDV successful, we need Local Team Leaders to host a run or walk! If you’re already considering or committed to doing the run, this is just a small extra step.  All you need to do is pick a time and location where you’ll be doing your run and share.  You can […]

Make your own runner’s bib for #RunAgainstDV

One downside of virtual run is that you’re not getting a cool looking runner’s bib (aka running number) when you show up for the run.  And if you’re running Run Against Domestic Violence with a group, it’d be cool to have a nice running number to represent the cause and show off your group! Here’s […]

Crowdfunding Terms

Quick Summary Terms on our Crowd Sourcing program Here are quick overview of terms and conditions for us to create a page where you can share to collect donations through a Charity. You must provide us with enough information to build a profile/page. We’ll create a donation page with your story and pictures to call […]