With start of #DiaperGap #DiaperBank programs, 2016 was the year which Clear Charity found its place within local community.  We’ve been featured on OC Register & CBS news as well as found many new partner agencies as well as new donors who made a great year possible!  We are so excited to start our Diaper Program as we make many changes to make sure we can support our new project!


2016 Financial Report

Donation Received: $8,240.37
Program Income: $4,184.54
Membership & Other: $21.50
Total Income: $12,446.41

Business Expenses: $746.52
Operation Costs & Card Processing Fee: $367.81
Misc: -$61.25
Operating/Non-program Expenses: 1053.08

Program Expenses
Diaper Program Expenses: $4,669.13
Other Program Expenses: $173.21
Total Program Expenses: $4,842.34

Total Non-Program Expenses Ratio: 8.46%

This report does NOT include all the supplies & physical donations we received which we provided to those in need directly. We typically receive 3~5 times as much donation in goods & supplies than money which goes to those in need at 100% rate.


Copyright: Featured Image courtesy of [Theeradech Sanin] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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