2018 was a year of maturity.  Our program went though a lot of changes in order to accommodate with demand as well as dealing with many different types of client.  Through it all, we believe we found a program that truly works in our community!

Clear Charity provides Financial Report for each year with full details which is available on our website to our supporters.  We believe in transparency for all our donors as our donors who makes everything we do possible, deserve to know where their support is going and how it was utilized.  Thank you!


2018 Financial Report

Donation Received: $9,663.98
Program Income: $28,290.20
Total Income: $37,954.18

Business Expenses: $1,768
Facilities: $2,573.09
Operations Expenses: $2,176.87
Craft Fair & Insurance: $1,017.35
Payroll Expenses: $714.58
Travel & Meeting: $98.66
Operating/Non-program Expenses: $8,348.55

Program Expenses
Diaper Program Expenses: $29,240.42
Total Program Expenses: $29,240.42

Total Non-Program Expenses Ratio: 21.99%

This report does NOT include all the supplies & physical donations we received which we provided to those in need directly. We typically receive 3~5 times as much donation in goods & supplies than money which goes to those in need at 100% rate.


Copyright: Featured Image courtesy of [Theeradech Sanin] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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