Starting on Saturday, January 28, 2017, we’ll be starting a new series called #DiaperTalk.  #DiaperTalk will consist of two parts and will run for 2 hours.  In the first hour, we’ll have a class style meeting to share useful information from professionals or experts regarding various baby/toddler-related topics. The second hour is dedicated to discussion and providing a support network to discuss specific topics of need.  So whether you just want to get to know other moms, having trouble breast feeding, want to know how to handle a difficult child, to anything you need; we’re here to share our experiences & help each other.

Our first meeting’s expert topic will be ‘Let’s Wear Our Baby!’ where we’ll show 6+ different types of baby wearing carriers & how you can utilize & choose your own!
The best part?  This is a community based meeting with $0 cost!

Speaker of the day: Micah Woodbury, Baby-wearing educator


But RSVP is required. (Click here to RSVP)

We hope to see you on our first #DiaperTalk on 1/28/17, 10A ~ Noon!


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