#DiaperTalk is our monthly support group where all parents are welcome.  We meet every last Saturday of the month and we talk about anything that’s baby related such as baby carrying, breastfeeding, to dealing with terrible 2’s or 3’s of whichever number they’re at now.

Find out more about #DiaperTalk here

During the first part of #DiaperTalk, we invite a speaker who has expertise or knowledge to share about any topics that could be helpful to parents or expecting parents.  We’re open to very broad range of topics including caring for the baby, how to handle behavior problems, how to take care of yourself, balancing work, family, & childcare, to even financial topics such as how to save $$ through smart coupon-ing or other topics that are relevant to parents!

If you’re willing to help us, Click here to visit our Contact Us page & send us a message.

If you have any questions, you can contact us using above link or leave comment below!


Can I share information about my group and/or business?
YES!  This is a FREE event to all the participant and currently we are unable to compensate you for your time beside offering you light breakfast & coffee & appreciation.  But if you run a group or business that is related to topic of discussion, you’ll definitely allowed to hand out flyers, information, and briefly talk about it!  However, we ask that your speech cannot be mainly about selling your group/business and while you may ask people to talk to you afterwards if they want to sign up or want more details, there will be no SALES allowed during the presentation.


Thank you and we look forward to planning a visit with you!

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