In new partnership with SafeField, our attempt for 2nd virtual run came only couple months after first #RunAgainstDV.  Unfortunately, this campaign resulted in even smaller total attendee but we did gain good response from different people in different areas and we also learned that we are capable of organizing virtual run within 1 week notice!

Total Participant: 12
Total Sales: $205.97
Net Sales (after fees): $190.05

Total cost for medal: $0 (Medals with total value of $101.43 was donated by Jay & Dana)
Cost for shipping: $17.78
Cost for shipping materials: $0 (leftover from previous event)
Total Expenses: $17.78

Total Net Raised: $172.27


Clear Charity is a community charity organization providing #DiaperGap #DiaperBank programs in Orange County and beyond to make sure all babies have diapers they need to be clean & healthy!  We help low-income families through our programs to get diapers they need for their babies.  As of early 2017, we currently go through 5,000 ~ 7,000 diapers per week which goes to helping about 400~600+ children that comes to get help through our programs.  We are also a NoMore Alliance member raising awareness of Domestic Violence & provides Backup Safety Net program to provide temporary shelter for victims of domestic violence.

You can help our programs by Make a Donation, Host a Diaper Drive, Volunteer, or Buy us Diapers (by credit which we can use to get diapers).

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