Clear Charity is looking for baby & children’s clothes (& small toys) to be donated.  As a latest effort for a fundraiser, Clear Charity has partnered with the Onesie2Onesie marketplace.  Clear Charity would like supporters to donate baby clothes in gently used, washed condition.



Not sure whether you should donate or sell it yourself?  Here’s an article that might help: Reselling vs. Donating Unwanted Items for a Tax Deduction – What’s Better?

Here are programs your donation will help:

Backup Safety Net – a program where we provide emergency shelter to victims of Domestic Violence while they wait for shelters become available.

Keep Our Hopes Alive – a new program we’re rolling out in the fall.  If you know a parent or child in need, Clear Charity will help you set up a crowdfunding page to collect donations at a much lower fee than other crowd source funding sites.  And unlike other crowdfunding sites, your donors will receive a tax deduction!

What’s accepted?

Any baby/children’s clothes and small toys from newborn to age 10 would be accepted.  Any small to medium sized toys are accepted as long as they’re not too heavy.  We want to make sure shipping costs do not outweigh the value.

How to send us the donation

If you’re using USPS, you can ship it to:
Clear Charity
PO BOX 3374
Orange, CA 92857

If you’re using another carrier and require a physical address, send us an inquiry (below).

What about shipping fees?

Shipping fees you spend are also tax deductible as per IRS regulations.

Pick-up & Drop-off options

If you live in the OC or LA county in California, we can arrange a pickup of your donations.  Alternatively, you can also schedule to drop these off with one of Clear Charity’s member in OC or LA county area.

How to get tax deductible receipt

Fill out below form and you’ll get an email confirmation which can be used as tax deductible donation receipt.

Thank you for donating your baby clothes to Clear Charity. Your generous donation will send strength to those in need.

* indicates required field

Thank you for your donation. You should receive an email confirmation shortly containing shipping address. Email confirmation can be used as your tax deduction receipt. You may choose to print a copy of your form by clicking button on this page.
Clear Charity is a California Non-Profit organization.
T. 714.694.3940 F. 717.340.5534
PO BOX 3374, Orange, CA 92857
Thank you.

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