Meeting Date: 1/3/19

Planning Meeting for 2019 topics and content of discussion as well as goals for 2019.


  • New Staff starting Friday 1/4
  • Expansion goals for 2019 – 2nd office in Riverside County
  • Programs
    • Continue Tuesday hours (traffic between Tue & Sat is about the same)
      • What’s the alternative?

Keep the hours, it’s the most busy.  The hours are best for families.  Traffic is the same on Sat and Tues.  Agree to keeping Tuesday hours. Problem is the volunteers, not the foot traffic.  It’s the volunteers not being available.  Result: no change.

  • Subsidized Discount percentage adjustment?

Agreed.  Will discount the wipes (below).  Keep eye on the prize: expansion to help more people.

  • Electronic Record viable??

Yes need to do.  Either with college interns or Lidia.  Be fully electronic by 2019.

  • Accept other proof of income beside WIC?
    • Create mid-range program?

Letter from agency acceptable. Create alternative verification process for DV/Homeless population in shelters.  Put this info on the website.

No mid-range program.

EBT – don’t see an uptick in usage, cancel it.  Make a big EBT sign to let people know about it.  Put next to prices on door. Put on website.

  • Adjust clothes price lower?

Change all prices to $1. 10 items or more, get it all half off (50 cents)

  • Inventory
    • Monthly inventory during Diaper Warpping Party? (at the end)
    • How to manage inventory of clothes? Especially with fill the bag sale?

Monthly inventory must be done.  Include clothing in the monthly count.  Do the restock before counting.

Inventory of clothes – piece of clothing vs outfit/dress/jacket nonsense.  Able to count this way.

SOP needed for inventory screw ups

  • Search of new Volunteer Captains
    • How can we attract more dedicated captains?

Target stay at home moms, or sending info out to mom groups to try and recruit.  Maybe this is how Candice helps, by advertising for us in the different groups. 

  • Protocols
    • Lack of volunteer – minimum 2?

Need min of 2 volunteers + 1 captain (total of 3 people).  Close doors if don’t get volunteers.  Signs says will open again the following Tuesday if possible.  Hours start at 3p for volunteers to show up, so if not by then close the doors.  Applies to all days.

Send follow up email thanking them for coming in.  Builds a relationship. Check mark from initial roster sent by Jae.


  • Wipes – 30% discount up to 3 per child at $1.09  (to get it ship me diaper, 7 at wholesale price) instead of current first one on discount and the other 2 at wholesale price = less confusion

         Do all 3 at discount


         Need a cheat sheet with quick answers that come up regularly or unique situations.  Candice to send questions to Jae.  Develop a program policy sheet from it.


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