2015 was an interesting year.  Our main program Backup Safety Net has concluded its program unofficially since we have completed our mission of bridging the gap between county funding and shelter’s ability to house people as needed.  We are now ready to focus on our next program to reduce #DiaperGap!

Here’s financial report from 2015!

Donation Received: $2997.23
Total Income: $2997.23

Business Expenses: $73
Operation Costs: $288.16
Card Processing Fees: $65.93
—— Operating/Non-program Expense ends
Program Expenses: $2239.67
Misc: -$.33
Total Expenses: $2666.43

Net Income: $550.80

Total Non-Program Expenses: $427.09
Percentage of Operating (Non-Program) Expenses to Income: 14.25% (below 25% efficiency goal)


This report does NOT include all the supplies & physical donations we received which we provided to those in need directly.  We typically receive 3~5 times as much donation in goods & supplies than money which goes to those in need at 100% rate.

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