Here’s collection of evidence of Greedy Nonprofits around us.  These findings in 2012 through CNN is definitely one of the reason how Clear Charity was born.

While there are some need for public views to change about Nonprofits on expenses because just like any other businesses, Nonprofits do have necessary expenses such as Rent, Utility, Marketing, Staff, and etc.  Unfortunately, many Nonprofits are pressured to keep out-dated 20% rule that was originally a requirement for federal contractors which had nothing to do with Nonprofits.  But there is a understanding you should follow and it crosses that line when Nonprofit founder/director start to use donation of other people’s hard earned dollar to fill their own greed.  While actual limit & ‘line’ can differ person to person based on people’s view this topic, everyone knows it’s unacceptable when you’re only spending only Tens of Thousands of dollars of Twenty some Million dollars a nonprofit collected as donation!

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