One downside of virtual run is that you’re not getting a cool looking runner’s bib (aka running number) when you show up for the run.  And if you’re running Run Against Domestic Violence with a group, it’d be cool to have a nice running number to represent the cause and show off your group!


Sample bib with my runner number

Here’s a solution.  We have designed a nice running bib for you using MS Word.  All you need to do is download doc file, update the number and you’ll get your own number printed!

MS_word_DOC_icon.svgCheck out below link if you need help finishing this ‘art project’.  Download word document using icon on left and you’ll be set!

Here’s step by step on how to make running number (bib) at home

How to change number: When you download the file, open in word and simply update the number and hit print.  That’s all!  Your running number is 4 digit number.

Search for your runner number
(Please be sure to enter full first or last name to search)

[pdb_list fields="first_name,last_name,bib_number" search="true" filter="id=0"]

Please keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for registration to be transferred to bib number database.

Have a good run!  See you out there!

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