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FOR RELEASE ON 6/16/2016

6/16/16Orange County, CA.  Clear Charity has started two programs to help our local community with #DiaperGap.  The Diaper Gap issue was widely publicized this year by the White House in March., a wholesale marketplace created a program providing Cuties Premium Diapers at cost.  Clear Charity responded to the calling for local charities and signed up to help.

Clear Charity offers two programs for #DiaperGap; OC Diaper Bank & Close the Diaper Gap.

For full details, visit:

Our “OC Diaper Bank” program provides FREE diapers to those in need closely following the guidelines of the National Diaper Bank.  Clear Charity, however is not affiliated or currently a member of the National Diaper Bank.  Clear Charity’s OC Diaper Bank program is currently the only non-religious organization program within Orange County to offer free diapers.

close the diaper gapOur “Close the Diaper Gap” program is a subsidized diaper program where low income families can purchase diapers at 50% off of wholesale cost.  Clear Charity extends their program to families who do not qualify for low income but still needs help by providing diapers at wholesale cost.

Clear Charity is planning multiple events throughout the 2016 in order to keep up with the demand for their program including multiple Diaper Drive and Shopping Events through partnership of a popular shopping center in Orange County in late September. (Details to be announced)

For full details, visit:

Clear Charity, a California Nonprofit organization was founded in 2014.  Its inception was inspired by CNN’s report on America’s Worst Charities as published June 2013.  We promise to be efficient and clear about where your donation goes.  Clear Charity is a part of NoMore Alliance & a member of #DiaperGap program.
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