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FOR RELEASE ON 7/25/2016

7/25/16Orange County, CA.  In partnership with ‘The District at Tustin Legacy’, Clear Charity will host a fundraising event where guests can shop and help the community!  This event is set for September 29th, Thursday, between 5pm and 8pm at ‘The District at Tustin Legacy’ 2437 Park Avenue, Tustin, California 92782.  Many retailers are expected to participate & the list of retailers will be available on event website.

For full details of the event, visit:

Diaper GapThis event will support our two ongoing programs where low income families can receive either FREE or subsidized diapers.  Clear Charity started the OC Diaper Bank and a “Close the #DiaperGap” program in order to help families in need provide diapers for their babies.  Clear Charity’s program is a part of the #DiaperGap program publicized and run by and the Whitehouse.   Clear Charity extends their “Close the #DiaperGap” program to families who do not qualify for low income assistance but still need help by providing diapers at wholesale cost.

There are three ways shoppers can help.

  1. Bring Diapers to a Shop. Bring pack or box of diapers on the day of the event.  Bring this to a participating retailer for a discount or FREE item!
  2. Shop for Charity. You heard it right!  During the day of the event, participating retailers will be donating a portion of their sales to help the OC Diaper Bank and “Close the #DiaperGap” program.
  3. Diaper Drive. Can’t make it on Thursday, September 29th?  You can still help!  Bring diapers on the week of the event (Monday through Sunday) and there will be diaper collection bins throughout the mall as a part of our diaper drive.  Please make sure all diapers are wrapped and in unopened packs/boxes.

Clear Charity, a California Nonprofit organization was founded in 2014.  Its inception was inspired by CNN’s report on America’s Worst Charities as published June 2013.  We promise to be efficient and clear about where your donation goes.  Clear Charity is a part of NoMore Alliance & a member of #DiaperGap program.
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