We currently have diaper hours every Tuesday Afternoon and we need your help!

How you can help:

  1. We need help taking care of visitors during our #DiaperHour which is currently Tuesday 12-4p.
  2. We also need help on Saturdays AM to wrap diapers & inventory & organization.  We call this ‘Diaper Wrapping Party!’ and kids are welcome to this ‘party’.


What We DO: Babies need Diapers. And we want to help make sure every baby has Diapers they need. According to recent news stories, up to 30% of American families have hard time affording diapers they need for their baby.


We have two programs in place.

1. OC Diaper Bank: We are providing up to 50 diapers per month to low income families.

2. Close The #DiaperGap: We are providing wholesales diapers with extra subsidized discount to low income families.

Full program info here: www.CloseTheDiaperGap.org


Click here for details of the #DiaperGap program

Want to help?  Click here to sign up!


Thank you & we hope to see you soon!

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