Help Us Make our Domestic Violence Awareness Music Video!

We are teaming up with Running Wild Films and HiWayz Entertainment to create a Music Video to raise Domestic Violence Awareness using the Original Song, God Only Knows written and composed by Simply Mary and recorded at TallCat Studios, LLC., Phoenix, AZ.  Simply Mary is also offering gifts for those who help the cause!

Check out the gifts & make a contribution

Our Mission is to bring awareness to each and every form of Domestic Violence and launch our #NotJustBruises Campaign.  First step in preventing Domestic Violence is raising awareness.  And through this music video, we want to reach more audience than ever before!

We will have more information and progress on this project available as we build our momentum.  But we need your help to get things started!

We are currently seeking funding to cover the costs of the following:
– Running Wild Films Cast and Crew – $2500
– Make Up Artist and Stylists – $500
– Lighting and Effects – $500
– Campaign to Release to MTV VH1 – $500
– Actors and Actresses Compensation – $1000
Total expected cost: $5,000

Overhead Costs are occurring on a daily basis so it is critical that we can at least cover the minimum expenses to make this video happen!  And any amount above our required cost for making a video will go toward Clear Charity & NoMore to help their fight against Domestic Violence.

Here is a Demo of the track along with the lyrics for your review.

To say thank you for your contribution

To say thank you for making this music video possible, we’d like to offer small gift in return.  You do not need to do anything.  Simply give us some time to sort through all the paperwork and we’ll send you….

Contribute $10 or more & get a FREE download of the song ‘God Only Knows’

Contribute $25 or more & Simply Mary will send you a 8×11 poster

Contribute $75 or more & Simply Mary will send you a signed hard copy of new album ‘Freedom Bound’

All download will be automatically prompted upon donation of $10 or more.  Poster and album will be shipped to you upon completion.  Estimated completion is Dec, 2015.

Make a contribution

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