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Shop for Charity at the District

FOR RELEASE ON 7/25/2016 7/25/16 - Orange County, CA.  In partnership with ‘The District at Tustin Legacy’, Clear Charity will host a fundraising event where guests can shop and help the community!  This event is set for September 29th,…
keep our hopes alive

Keep Our Hopes Alive

Family and Children are our future and 'Hope'.  Children can often fall through the cracks and they often only need little help to feel valuable and loved.  So help us by donating to 'Keep Our Hopes Alive'.  Children's clothes and toys are…

We want gently used baby clothes

Clear Charity is looking for baby & children's clothes (& small toys) to be donated.  As a latest effort for a fundraiser, Clear Charity has partnered with the Onesie2Onesie marketplace.  Clear Charity would like supporters to donate…

Domestic Violence Music Video Original Song, 'God Only Knows' DV is #NotJustBruises

Help Us Make our Domestic Violence Awareness Music Video! We are teaming up with Running Wild Films and HiWayz Entertainment to create a Music Video to raise Domestic Violence Awareness using the Original Song, God Only Knows written and…

Fundraiser Elves

It's the holiday season and we need your help to continue our vital emergency program: Backup Safety Net. Did you know?  Not every victim who calls the hotline gets saved.  We are here to make sure that every victim who breaks their silence…

Thinking of CrowdFunding? We can help!

Clear Charity is committed to helping our community.  And that includes helping via crowdfunding.  There are so many different kinds of funding sources nowadays such as kickstarter, gofundme, indiegogo, and so many more.  And they all work…

CrowdFunding Application

Click here to go back to CrowdFunding page to get details and to ask questions. Click here to read Summary terms & conditions of this program