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Thinking of CrowdFunding? We can help!

Clear Charity is committed to helping our community.  And that includes helping via crowdfunding.  There are so many different kinds of funding sources nowadays such as kickstarter, gofundme, indiegogo, and so many more.  And they all work in similar ways where you use their platform and they charge you a fee.

Web Design for DUMMIES, website using WordPress

WordPress is one of the best open source platform ever built! It allows users to create and maintain website as easy as posting updates on Facebook or creating a MS word document. It’s design and capability is so flexible and easy to use, you can make professional website without knowing any coding. NO HTML, FLASH […]

Things we love… Story of how I jumped in

Things we love make up who we are and defines our life.  Earlier this year a conversation sparked on Facebook regarding how bad traffic is in Los Angeles area.  And anyone who ever lived in LA area won’t dare to argue with that.  If you’re still not sure, click on the chart to right.  This […]

Clear Charity can be your Fiscal Sponsor

Got a great idea?  Want to help people? Let us be your Fiscal Sponsor. Being a nonprofit organization is not a simple task.  Anyone who ever ran their own business can tell you that running a business takes a lot of work.  And we’re not talking about doing the work you’re expected to do.  No, […]

A big step in right direction on 501(c)(3) status

IRS has just changed how a non-profit organization can gain their tax exempt status to make it easier and cheaper.  This is a great news for us since this was one of the big challenges Clear Charity was facing.  IRS allows a new nonprofit organization to be in ‘pending status’ for 27 months.  And Clear […]

The Secret to Getting People to Give: 15 Reasons Why People Donate

This is an duplicate article.  Credit and location of original author can be found on the bottom of the article. News flash: People have things to do other than care about your cause. You’re not always competing with another nonprofit whose mission is similar to yours; you’re also duking it out with soccer practice, a burgeoning […]