12,000 Diapers

When we first started our ‘Close the #DiaperGap’ & DiaperBank programs, our initial #DiaperHour started with just 1,204 diapers.  We know the exact number of diapers we started with because we purchased 1 box of every size that Jet.com offers.  Since then we have done different fundraising and diaper drive events in order to keep up with the growing diaper demand due the popularity of our programs.  One program participant from the beginning commented recently:

‘Thank you for this program & good job at staying above water providing diapers!’

For that, I’m glad as well.  One of the biggest boosts we had was receiving a large & generous donation from Sandra who helped us gain a large quantity of products from a closing warehouse.  This resulted in Clear Charity having to move to a bigger location for the second time in a 6 month period.  (And yes, we’re done with moving!)  Another fantastic event was ‘Shop For Charity’ that netted over 4,500 diapers in addition to cash donations, all of which gave us another, much needed boost!  Between all the donations we received plus our normal stock re-order, we officially had over 12,000 diapers available at the start of this week!

12,000 Diapers can provide 66 babies with enough diapers for a whole month!

While 12,000 is still not a huge number in terms of diapers, this is a big milestone for Clear Charity & should be celebrated.  So Cheers to everyone who helped us come this far!  And thank you for everyone who has volunteered, sweating through the hot summer, made donations to help us continue our programs, and for those who send us good thoughts & wishes and share our story with others.  We would not be here today if it weren’t for you.

We’re super excited to see what’s ahead for Clear Charity!

[Photos from the Making of 12,000 Diapers milestone]

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