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We’ve been getting a lot of contact from people who are out of the area.  So here’s a post with information on what we able to do for those with special circumstances.

Please note that we cannot accept any calls about our DiaperGap / Diaper Bank programs & voicemail/email requesting a callback cannot be returned.  We are sorry for your inconvenience.  However, you will find all the information you need on our program page & we’ll always respond to any comments/questions on those pages.


If you’re looking for information on our Diaper Gap program (qualification, hours, price, quantity, & etc…)

Please visit our DiaperGap program page: http://closethediapergap.org/

Have a question that’s not covered on that page?  Please use comment form below.  Calls or Emails with questions will NOT be returned due to high volume of inquiry.


Are you not in OC & need help?

  1. If you’re outside of the OC but within driving distance, we will NOT turn away anyone who comes in during #DiaperHour based on where you live.  But the same qualification are required for subsidized diapers.
  2. If you’re not within driving distance, on a one-time basis, we can send you WHOLESALE COST Diapers to you with minimum quantity purchase.  Unfortunately, you won’t be able to take advantage of subsidized or free diaper program which is only available in person with income verification.  If you’re interested in this program, information on how to order these diapers are located at the bottom of this post.
  3. If you’re looking for free diapers in your area, look up: National Diaper Bank Network  or  Angie’s Angel Help Network


Any questions?  Comments?

Please let us know using comment below & we’ll reply + add info to main post as needed.


diaper gap

#DiaperGap Purchase Request – Click on Cuties Box below to request diapers at our wholesale cost.  You will be required to make a payment for the cost of diapers at the time of the request.  Please note that reselling these diapers are NOT permitted and there will be quantity limit on how many you can purchase at a time.

Minimum Quantity per Size & Cost (all price is pre-tax price)

Size Min Quantity Cost (per diaper)
NB 9 packs (324) $35.64 (.11)
1 8 packs (352) $38.72 (.11)
2 6 packs (504) $55.44 (.11)
3 8 packs (448) $53.76 (.12)
4 4 packs (400) $56.00 (.14)
5 4 packs (320) $54.40 (.17)
6 4 packs (288) $54.72 (.19)

*Prices & quantity per box is subject to change.  Sales Tax may be added to above price.

#diapergap diapers

Click on diaper box to order WholeSale cost diapers!

6 replies
    • Jay
      Jay says:

      We’re open 1~2 times a month on different locations we have. Look up our schedule here: DiaperAid.org

  1. Kimberly
    Kimberly says:

    Hi i live in Los Angeles. I have wic. Will i be able to get free diapers for my son if i come in for verification during diaper hours?

  2. maria mendoza
    maria mendoza says:

    I am trying to help my daughter with her high expense with diapers, I also want to reach out to all single moms in the Rancho Cucamonga area to stay strong and to help one another in those difficult times, as my daughter can really use your support at this moment.

    • Jay
      Jay says:

      That’s great Maria! We’d be happy to help! I think you already reached out to us so we look forward to chatting with you.

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