Clear Charity is committed to helping our community.  And that includes helping via crowdfunding.  There are so many different kinds of funding sources nowadays such as kickstarter, gofundme, indiegogo, and so many more.  And they all work in similar ways where you use their platform and they charge you a fee.


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If you’re doing a fundraising and your goal or purpose aligns with Clear Charity, we would like to help.  We can offer about all same services as all other funding sources do such as social sharing function, SEO, and obviously collecting of the funds.  And we’ll do it at lower cost.


Your campaign will be listed on featured funding page.  And it’ll look similar to one of our donation pages.  Because we’re not built as a crowd-source funding site, there may be certain aspects that are different but for the most part, we will be able to offer very similar features.  You’ll get your own page, own url, short url, ability to easily share with all social network, and comment form where you can communicate with your supporters.

Want more?

Because we’re here to help your campaign and not profit from your fundraiser, we offer a bit more personal touch.  We will help you with email blast, creation of minor graphics, help with video, and we will provide personal consultation to make this successful.  And because we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization, as long as your campaign qualifies as charitable cause, your supporters will be able to get tax benefits. (with IRS provide restrictions of course)

And because we provide personal approach, this won’t be an automated process like other platforms.  We want to talk to you and get to know you to truly find out how we can help.  But don’t worry.  The whole process from initial contact to final setup should complete within 3~5 days.

By pakorn, Stock Photo - image ID: 10078936

By pakorn,
Stock Photo – image ID: 10078936


Your supporters can send in their help in two different ways.  Send check/money order or pay via credit card.  There will be no added fee for check/money order payments.  However standard credit card fee of about 2.2% + 30 cent will apply. (whichever is current rate for PayPal or other processors)  Our actual fee will be 2%.  (compare to 5~9% of most funding sites)  This fee does not change whether you meet the goal or not.  And this 2% will go toward our general funding to help victims of Domestic Violence.

Who is eligible?  Any requirements?

We will only accept campaigns that we believe is genuine, real causes we want to put our name behind.  We may require some documentation and paperwork to authenticate and identify all aspects of the campaign.  In short, we welcome any campaigns/causes that qualifies as charitable causes.  And because of legal aspect, we need to be able to in the know on how the funds are being used.  But nothing to worry if you genuinely need help.  In another way, we will not be hosting funding for ‘making a potato salad’.

Tips on successful fundraiser / campaign

– Have clear goal & why you’re running a campaign.
– Explain exactly what your funding will be used for.
– You should only use one funding site at a time in order to ensure focused, successful fundraising.

Have questions?
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Ready to talk?  Please submit your cause to us using Crowdfunding Application
Here are the rules!  Quick Summary terms and condition on Corwdfunding

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Gold Coast website developer

Really good article, Crowd funding can somethimes be an over complicated topic but this article breaks it down nicely. i will be sharing with my network, Thank You.