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9/22/2014Orange County, CA.  Clear Charity has announced their new program ‘Signal Strength’. This is their second program for their ‘Fight Against Domestic Violence’ campaign, preceded by their flagship program, ‘Backup Safety Net’. Signal Strength will collect and provide cell phones to victims of domestic violence who previously did not have access to one. Clear Charity will start accepting donations of used phones immediately to be provided to their partnered shelter, WTLC, starting in the fourth quarter.

signal-strengthClear Charity’s Signal Strength program will recycle used cell phones to those in need. The cell phones will be loaded with prepaid minutes and provided to survivors graduating the Domestic Violence program at WTLC. Clear Charity hopes to be able to create a sustainable program by the end of the year. With this new program, Clear Charity hopes to continue expanding their efforts to provide support to victims of domestic violence.

Clear Charity, a California Nonprofit organization was founded in 2014.  Its inception was inspired by CNN’s report on America’s Worst Charities as published June 2013.  We promise to be efficient and clear.  All members of Clear Charity will have access to yearly financial reports and each member will know how their donations are helping others!
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