We live in one of the most charitable nations in the world, where people tend to make their biggest donations during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons.  In fact, many charities collect more than half of their donations during the 4th quarter.  Charity_Santa_Ringing_a_BellThis allows most charities to survive into the next year.

But for a small non-profit organization like Clear Charity, who spends almost 100% of our budget on our programs, we can’t wait until Christmas to receive our funding.

frapcoffeeFive dollars a month for most of us means a frappuccino, or a trip to Coldstone Creamery, or the fun little “bargain” items at the check out line.  It’s a small amount that gets you a small amount of fun that doesn’t last very long.

But it’s a lot for those who need your help.

Imagine this scenario:  We have been told by shelters and read articles that state many times, Domestic Violence reaches its breaking point in the middle of the night.  And unfortunately, many victims who want to get away often don’t have money for a hotel or access to a car.  Out of desperation, the victim calls a Domestic Violence hotline for help and breaks the silence that should have been broken a long time ago.  But it’s almost midnight, the last bus left long ago, and she realized she has nowhere to go.  The closest shelter that can provide housing is 2 bus rides away which aren’t running, and she can’t hire a taxi with the few dollar bills she stashed away in her sock drawer.  And on top of everything, she has two young children who are crying, or trying very hard not to, with her.  She made this call because her abuser has left; maybe they left to go to a bar, maybe to get a weapon, but they are definitely coming back.  She has no idea what will happen next.

But she does know that she can’t go anywhere, and she regrets making the call and prays that her phone call doesn’t get discovered.


Previously, this is where the story would end.  If she’s lucky and able, she’ll make her way to the shelter the next day.  If she’s not, she can be one of the three women A DAY that die at the hands of their abuser when they try to leave.

Clear Charity has joined the Fight against Domestic Violence to change this.

Our Backup Safety Net program provides an emergency shelter for those who are in desperate need like scenario portrayed above.  The hotline respondent, who would previously have to end the call after realizing there’s nothing they can do except pray for her safety, can now ask ‘Where are you? We have a safe location where you can stay overnight less than 1 mile away. You can come to our shelter first thing in the morning.’

This is exactly what our program does.  And we need your help to continue our program.

Are you willing to give up one frappuccino a month to support this program?


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