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We have just partnered with to work out a great deal. is just like many other ‘cashback’ related services where you get up to 50% cashback for shopping on 1,000s of retailers like and etc.  But there’s one added bonus.  When you sign up with us, you’ll get your cashback + it’ll help Clear Charity to receive a small referral bonus as donation!

Shopping has Never been so profitable & helping at the same time!

Using similar program, Clear Charity has received over $400 in donations before.  And we decided to jump into this program because this benefits Both You & Clear Charity!  And that’s kinds of math we’d like to see.

Ready? Follow simple two-step process to sign up –

Step 1. Click below banner of to create account.  Already have an account? Go to step 3


Step 2. Once signed up, click banner below to download’s shopbuddy & start shopping.  Each time you shop, shopbuddy will tell you how much cashback for shopping you’ll get on each site & I’ll save it for you.

staples-shopbuddy is one of 2,000+ partner stores that you can earn cashback. Your favorite store is probably on the list!

Step 3. Already have an account but want to support Clear Charity?  Click here to send us a quick note with your email address.  We can request your email address to be associated with us, you’ll keep your usual cashback & we’ll get the referral bonus!

Thank you for shopping with us!  Your help is truly appreciated!

Any questions?  Use comment below!

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